We will offer U-Pick Strawberries with your safety in mind

  • Larger strawberry patches will be opened, enabling your ability to social distance

  • We will sanitize buckets and provide plastic bags for you to line the buckets for picking

  • Hand sanitizer will be available for you before entering the field

  • Our staff will wear masks customer masks not required

Opening in June


$7.50 / 2 quart container

$15  / 4 quart bucket

**20 Quart SPECIAL**

Buy 4 (four quart) buckets and get the 5th bucket free

*No picnic or play area is possible this year

*Please bring your own water, as we are not able to provide this year

Tips for a FUN Visit to the U-Pick Fields

How to Pick the Best Berries

  • You want to choose plump, firm, red strawberries
  • Strawberries stop ripening at the moment they picked - so only pick ripe berries
  • If the tip of a strawberry is red - it is ready to eat
  • Berries that appear slightly green or orange in color are not ripe
  • Don't judge a fruit by it's size - large & small berries can both be sweet and delicious

Dress for Picking

Remember to dress for the weather and in clothing that you won't mind getting a little dirty or even stained by a little berry juice! You may want to wear sunscreen.
We line the rows with straw to minimize getting muddy in wet conditions but we recommend you wear an older pair of shoes or boots. You may want to wear long pants and bug repellent as well.


  • We have port-a-potty available for your convenience
  • Plenty of free parking

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